Custom Thesis

A thesis is a degree rewarding writing assignment which is supported with evidences and factual based research. Mainly it has been thought that assignments related to science field are more factual based but actually a custom thesis is incomplete until it is evidenced on research. To write a custom thesis one can only explain the major aspects involved in it, but the complexities still remained the same for students.

The custom thesis starts with the topic selection. Most of the times the topic is assigned to students by tutors which are highly relevant to the course. A custom thesis topic must give a great potential of custom thesis and evidences. But it is highly dependent on the topic you choose. Although, the tutors are available for help but thing is students must know basics about writing a custom thesis paper.

The structure of a standardized custom thesis involves: Title page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Lists of Tables and Figures, Introduction, Methodology, Results, Discussions, Conclusion, Recommendation and References.


A custom thesis starts with the title or topic which must be placed on a separate paper; this is called a title page. Then, comes Abstract, which is again an important part of writing a custom thesis paper. it is although, ideal to write an Abstract after writing the conclusion of your research paper. It includes the results which you have come through after writing the custom thesis papers. You should also state the scope of the topic with reference to the course but make sure that you may not exceed more than 2 paragraphs. An ideal word length for an abstract is 350 to 400 words.

Table of contents is a part which works as an index. It is included mainly due to the readers who could easily access the desired page. The table of content is a section which separately states the major headings and sections of your custom thesis and a page number is mentioned in front of each heading.

List all the tables and diagrams on a separate custom thesis paper(section wise) and put the page number in front of it.  This is to make sure that you have included necessary information relevant to your custom thesis topic.


Introduction is an essential part of almost every custom thesis writing assignment. It serves the purpose of a host. Introduction mentions all the details i.e., from background history to the current scope of the topic. A custom thesis statement is added to introduction part, which is a brief central idea of the whole paper. in a few lines you have to state the importance of it along with the result you have drawn from research.

Methodology involves the methods of conducting the data and research. It is a section which is apprehended to build authenticity of the efforts being done on data collection and research. You can use multiple types of research to support your argument but never use a fake data or figure which can risk your academic career.

The results part is not actually writing the conclusion but it includes the observations and statements of observations which is strengthen by including tables and statistics. This section must answer that why you are writing and researching on the specific topic as well as how your research can be helpful or will contribute to the topic. A misconception regarding writing “results” is that always include good results to create a positive impression, but this isn’t the story. The tutor is actually looking for some pitfalls in the results section just to make sure that the research is actually conducted and some mishaps have been faced by the student. It creates a personalized image on your custom thesis.


The discussion section is an interesting part as you will include the discussions/ suggestions on the topic conducted on a professional level. This may not mean that you write your peer’s ideas and suggestions. How your topic has been dealt by the famous scholars, writers, and other professionals before you have initiated your research on it. You can even add Recommendation to this section where you can have a privilege to add the recommended ways by the famous personnel.

Add references to your custom thesis. Citation is very important in a custom thesis paper, where it can save you being accused of plagiarism; it can give a professional impression on the readers. Use the required format for referencing.

A custom thesis paper is not easy to write but it is not impossible to do. If you cannot write your thesis you can take online custom paper help to aid the thesis writing process. An online custom thesis helps can create a professional thesis paper for its clients and can deliver it on time.

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