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custom essay is a way of arranging your genuine thoughts in a manner that will lead you to develop your topic. Before you start your essay writing process, it is advised to collect the necessary ingredients before actually cooking the meal. The ingredients of a good custom essay paper include learning about writing custom essay papers. For writing custom essay papers on any subject you need to be aware of the steps and stages and also have the knowledge of formatting and outlining your custom essay papers. By knowing the basic essential information, a student can avoid numerous hazards of repeated correction.

The first step to writing a quality essay is BRAINSTORMING on a topic of your choice or on the one assigned to you. Whether your custom essay paper topic is the one you chose yourself or not, a logical and professional way to start custom essay paper writing process is to brainstorm.

One of the best techniques for brainstorming is “The Tree Technique”. Another useful brainstorming method is spreading out your thoughts and ideas by drawing branches out of a circle. Always place the topic in the center of the circle and start branching out from inside out. Write all relevant ideas on each branch separately. This way your topic circle will be surrounded with branches of related ideas. The ideas are actually the thought that comes to one’s mind while thinking over the topic. For example, we have to write a custom essay paper on William Shakespeare.

This is how you can easily gather relevant points. Branching the ideas that come to your mind will help save you from having to rethink them again.

The next step for writing good custom essay papers is selecting an idea and thinking of it another step behind brainstorming. The best way to do it is put together a set of questions highly relevant to the knowledge you already have on custom essay papers topic.

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For example:

  •  When was Shakespeare born?
  •  Shakespeare’s famous plays and how they motivated others through the characters and the story itself?
  •   What famous poems he wrote and why are they popular among children?
  •  What words can you use as a quote of Shakespeare’s work, and how to illustrate the meaning of it?
  •  What was the idea he mainly worked on?

After brainstorming you have to develop a custom essay paper outline. With an essay template you can identify different parts of it which will be helpful in developing an outline.  A custom essay paper outline is helpful in working in an organized way and it minimizes the risk of missing an important component.

The essential elements for developing a custom essay paper outline are listed below:

  •  Title: Your topic is the title of your custom essay paper which is the first part of your custom essay paper.
  •  An Introduction: It shows the Premise and states Supporting Points for your custom essay paper.
  •  Body:  The body of a custom essay paper is mainly divided in three parts i.e., in three separate paragraphs. Each paragraph will state a different argument along with supportive evidences.
  •  Argument 1 + Supporting Evidence 1
  •  Argument 2 + Supporting Evidence 2
  •  Argument 3 + Supporting Evidence 3
  •  Conclusion: this is the final part of essay writing process. The conclusion is written in a brief manner by concisely defining each argument raised in essay body and then concluding the overall discussion. The conclusion will consider the evidences and derive the final result.
  •  Works Cited: The sources you used must be cited in the end. Make sure you properly cite every source and include it in the reference part.

How to write the important parts of a custom essay paper? An Essay Introduction introduces the topic in the first paragraph of your essay. Your custom essay paper topic is a title of your custom essay paper on which your whole content would be dependent upon. You should also introduce and add thesis statement to your introduction part. It is a part which helps you develop a flow in the body paragraphs of your custom essay paper. An Introduction example: William Shakespeare has made his mark in English Literature. He was capable of presenting every side of the picture or a character of his novel in a humorous manner. Born in London, Shakespeare grew up in a poor family. Here you can add a quotation of any of his work which shows his personality or highlights an attribute of his work.

The Body of a custom essay is the part which helps one show his dynamic approaches towards the topic. It is the body where you explain and develop the topic you introduced in the first section, the Introduction.

In an essay body introduce each argument in a separate paragraph. Your new paragraph will state a new argument which is onwards explained by an evidence provided at the end of the paragraph. Make the body “flow” by introducing the next paragraph of your custom essay paper at the end of the previous paragraph.

Work must be cited if you have used external sources. Refer every source to avoid plagiarism accusation and in order to play it safe, use a citation in text with each body paragraph.

Essay Conclusion is the final part which concludes the overall discussion or debate. It is the last part of your essay that should clear your point and support your argument. You can define it as a summary of your custom essay paper.

Remember to always check your work for errors and mistakes. A custom essay paper should be within the required parameters for length/word count. It must be relevant to your topic and should serve as a worthwhile thing for the subject.

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