Essay Writing Tips from TopQualityEssays

So you decided to make a run for it and write your own High School or college application essay? Here are a few useful tips for writing a college application essay from our expert authors. We have years of experience writing all sorts of High School, college and graduate-level papers and are willing to share our wisdom with you, whether you plan to order your custom college application essay from us or not.

Essay Writing Tip #1: Be creative within the standards

Every admissions office asks you to be creative in your essay, but they don’t want another “War and Peace” novel from you. Neither do they want a totally informal piece of writing that supposedly puts your creativity and English language fluency on display, but actually ends up being hard to read and lacks precise points. This is not the case to take “I am an artist, I see it his way” stand because actually a college-level essay has to have a certain structure and layout. We recommend that you stick to a 5-paragraph version with an Introduction, a Conclusion and three Main Body paragraphs. Thus you will have your paper neatly presented and still have enough space for your creative side to show.

Essay Writing Tip #2: Use Active Voice

You might already know this one because everyone giving you college essay writing tips would probably put it in TOP 3 tips for writing a good essay. Use active voice! “He won a Gold Medal” sounds much better than “He was awarded a Gold Medal” and it makes you sound more powerful and confident in your essay. Also, please, please try to avoid pronouns I/My/Me. C’mon, don’t be so narcissistic unless you are Tony Stark.

Essay Writing Tip #3: Keep your paragraphs connected

Don’t just jump from one thought to another when you switch paragraphs. Always keep your work connected from the opening line through the introduction and main paragraphs all the way to your final conclusion. Give your essay a feel of integrity and completeness and the admissions officers or any other people reading and rating your work will appreciate it. This also goes with using “point counts”: if you open a line with “First,…” then there should always be at least “Second,…”.

Essay Writing Tip #4: Don’t be too general

Here’s another tip to writing a good essay: being too general is a common rookie mistake. Complete your arguments and statements with examples, not just say stuff and leave it hanging there with nothing to support it. Believe us, college admissions offices are seeing too many “empty” works that just say stuff like the people reading the essays are supposed to hang on every word from that piece of paper. Everyone loves a good argument, especially when it has something around to support and emphasize it. Use examples, life stories, stats, whatever! Just don’t be too general in expressing your thoughts because people might find it inconclusive and plain simple boring.

Essay Writing Tip #5: Conclusion is King

Make your conclusion a powerful one because like a good distance runner you need a final spurt to win this race. However, don’t try to just copy the opening paragraph because it would be like leaving your story hanging and your college essay is not a blockbuster with a vague ending suggesting there would be a sequel. Be precise, confident, clear and creative because in this case the last impression is as much, if not more, important that the first one your introduction made!

Hope these useful essay writing tips and tricks will help you write a quality college essay. However, if you still find yourself in need of help with completing your paper, our online essay writing service is always there to help. We know all the tips on writing essays and have a team of authors experienced in various fields and topics available for writing your college essay. With our low prices, personal approach and years of international experience TopQualityEssays is your #1 choice for writing a quality essay, thesis, college paper or even a PhD dissertation.