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College essays in Australia are mostly written on controversial topics, or based on ethical debates. They often play a key role in accepting or denying a certain idea, query or issue. College essay questions are mostly technical or logical with an emphasis on expressing your substantiated point of view on the matter.

A college essay needs to be backed up with facts, evidence and proofs to defend your views. The significance of college essay does not solely depend on arguing or defending your viewpoints. Your writing itself matters too. Arguing in a calm factual way is much more effective than writing in an aggressive or argumentative tone. Using the right tone at the right time may have a great influence on the writers. A college essay should not be too long or too short. It may not exceed more than 5 pages and should not be less than one and a half pages. Always patronize your work using facts and figures that can be rechecked.

A college essay may not be copy-pasted from any source, i.e., plagiarism is a serious violation which can result in your termination from an educational institution or getting “blacklisted”. You must understand that plagiarism is a crime that may cause serious damage to your academic career.

Getting admitted to a college or other educational institution depends on your GPA, SAT/SAT II (GMAT, LSAT, etc.) scores, interview (if possible to conduct), recommendations, extracurricular activities and achievements and your writing abilities expressed in a form of an essay.

A college essay must be edited and proofread according to the requirements set by an institution of your choice. If they are strict with their rules, then you should follow them as closely as possible. The referencing should be cited in a required format.

Article lesson: College essays are the true reflection of your mind-set, creative thinking and writing skills. The basic concept behind it is to check the students ‘abilities and caliber by having them express their points of view regarding certain controversial topics.